Ready Mixed Concrete

What are the performance requirements of the final result? This is one of the elementary questions asked by Cementbouw Betonmortel at the start of every project. We deliver products ranging from traditional concrete mortar to the most complex versions from                  our several concrete plants.

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Ordering concrete
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Endless possibilities

The Ready mixed concrete department of Cementbouw is independent. The major advantage of this is that we can determine the type of binding agent and the other raw materials for the concrete ourselves. This means that we can control the required quality you need for the final result from the start. It makes us flexible and ensures that the entire process, up to the logistics, is controllable. And this is a major advantage for our clients.

The composition of our ready mixed concrete has endless variations, depending on factors like construction time, use and/or weather conditions. How do we ensure the high structural quality? How can the client make the best possible use of the free form of ready mixed concrete and what can, or should the processing speed be? All these questions are considered. We want to help you select the right raw materials based on the technical requirements of the concrete. For example, a mixture composition which results in great energy savings. Or a mixture with a specific level of finish. The possibilities are endless.

Product development and sustainability

Additional sustainability requirements play an increasingly greater role. We can also help you with this. We deliver Ramac, for example: a road reinforcement product with an extremely low CO2 footprint. Our concrete engineers and project managers like to contribute to our clients. From the starting stages to the actual implementation. Concrete-technological advice. Our knowledge has only increased over the years. We are ‘Volhardend van nature’ for a reason. We can jointly improve the process and quality based on this knowledge. Saving time and reducing costs.

Cementbouw Betonmortel has a well-trained team of subject specialists. We work on product development and the best possible solutions in our laboratory every day. We keep looking for the most appropriate solution for the client. The properties of concrete are currently well in line with the performance requirements. Long service life, noise-insulating properties, and thermal qualities. Cementbouw is certified by the CSC label and has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Efficiënt, quick and correct

Our division delivers products for various uses. We are an experienced partner for the entire infrastructure sector, but also for residential and utility construction. Moreover we work specifically in the field of foundations, floors, and for agricultural uses. Good logistics are extremely important for deliveries for these uses. This must be efficient, quick, and always be correct. Our truckmixers are never on the road any longer than needed thanks to the distribution of our concrete plants.

Product Ready mixed concrete products
We do not only create traditional ready mixed concrete, but also customise. The right mixture depends on the use and the performance requirements of a building. We are supported by more than 10,000 concrete recipes.
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Product Sustainable concrete
Concrete is one of the most sustainable construction materials, as the concrete structure of a building will as a rule last a lot longer than its intended service life. Concrete is 100% recyclable, thermally active, and requires little maintenance. Concrete makes flexible construction possible.
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RAMAC Road surfacing
RAMAC Road surfacing is the sustainable alternative for traditional road reinforcement made using concrete or asphalt. This type of road reinforcement results in a reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 65%. It can be used for roads, cycling paths, and roundabouts.
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Concrete volume calculator
The concrete volume calculator helps you calculate the amount of concrete needed for a beam or floor. You can also calculate the amount of concrete needed for a column.
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