Cementbouw has been active in the field of recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW) since 1998, starting in the region of Brabant. We have been a leading player in the introduction and implementation of circular construction at a national level. We even stood at the start of this, preceding legislation, and can tell you everything about it. We became the first supplier for secondary raw materials for the entirety of CRH in the Netherlands in 2014.

Cementbouw considers construction and demolition waste a great resource to be processed into high-quality secondary raw materials in the form of granulate. We create beautiful large blocks using residual concrete, for example, to creates storage surfaces and other flexible constructions with flame-retardant properties. Besides mixed asphalt and concrete granulates, we process raw materials into semi-finished products, such as Roadside Concrete. A sustainable solution for reinforcing roadsides in agricultural areas.

Concrete remains concrete (Beton Blijft Beton)

We have been working on a close, national network in the past years: Concrete Remains Concrete (Beton Blijft Beton). We currently have an intensive cooperation. A network of competent and reliable partners. Partners who know what they are talking about and take responsibility. Partners with a shared ambition. We gain satisfaction from collecting raw materials to be re-used. We guarantee that the concrete granulate we produce can be used for new concrete as a high-quality secondary raw material. An independent body annually checks the reported numbers of collected concrete rubble and the delivered amounts and coarseness of concrete granulate. This guarantees our certification.

Concrete rubble in the circular economy

Cementbouw Recycling removes rubble (concrete/mixture) to a licensed location. Arranges the entire administrative processing; from registering the collected quantities of rubble to the invoicing. Breaks down the rubble into various classifications to be used in concrete. And delivers the right classifications and desired quantities from the depot to be used in road construction (infrastructure) and concrete mortar and concrete products industries. Of course, with the right quality and at the right price. Our aggregates have a CE label and have been certified based on Assessment Guideline BRL 2506 ‘Recycling Aggregates for use in concrete, road construction, ground work and works’.

Quality is paramount

We will always want to be certain of the quality of our products. We adopt a pro-active role in this regard. Because we were at the foundation of circular construction, we have unique knowledge. As a recycling company, we have high acceptance requirements for the collection of CWD. We strictly separate concrete rubble, mixed rubble, and asphalt. Our own laboratory in Oosterhout primarily tests the quality of our products. Because frequent testing is a requirement for re-use.

The circular economy

The importance of circular operations and pursuing a more efficient use of raw materials is endorsed by the government. Companies that invest in environmentally-friendly equipment and techniques can count on tax benefits through the Environment Investment Credit and the Random Environment Investment Credit (MIA/VAMIL). The end user of a building can receive an attractive grant when at least thirty percent of secondary raw materials are used.

Product Concrete granulate
Concrete granulate is created after the processing of concrete rubble. Coarser granulate can replace part or even 100% of the gravel in concrete. It can be used for both structural and non-structural purposes.
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Product Mixed granulates
Mixed granulate is used in road construction (infrastructure) and is indispensable as a road foundation material in our country.
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Product Roadside Concrete
Cementbouw Recycling Roadside Concrete is the leading solution for municipalities for reinforcing roadsides adjacent existing roads.
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Product CB Mega blocks
CB Mega Blocks are solid concrete elements which are a rapid and efficient solution for (temporary) uses like storage surfaces, soil barriers, and walls of halls and warehouses.
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Own truck fleet

We can take care of all types of transport needed in your and our sector. We have our own truck fleet. Managed by ourselves. This is how we deliver the quality you need at the right place and on the agreed date. Guaranteed.

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