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Mixed granulates

Mixed granulate is used in road construction (infrastructure) and is indispensable as a road foundation material in our country.

Mixed granulate is produced in different levels of coarseness and in bound form to achieve a higher stability of the road foundation. This means that the top asphalt structure can be thinner, which results in great environment benefits.

Quality first

We always remain the party that wants to be sure that the quality of the product is good. We take a proactive role in this. And because we have been at the basis of circular construction, we are unique in our knowledge. As a recycling company, we have to set high acceptance requirements for the intake of BSA. We apply a strict separation in concrete rubble, mixed rubble and asphalt. Our own laboratory in Oosterhout is mainly engaged in testing the quality of our products. Because in reuse, frequent testing of materials is a requirement.

The circular economy

The importance of circular entrepreneurship and the pursuit of a more efficient use of raw materials is endorsed by the government. Entrepreneurs who invest in environmentally friendly equipment and techniques can count on a tax advantage through the Environmental Investment Allowance and the Random Depreciation Environmental Investments (MIA/VAMIL). The end user of a building can receive a very attractive subsidy if thirty percent secondary raw materials are used.