Volhardend van nature.

Delivering consistent quality for construction and infrastructure. The most important thing we, as Cementbouw, do. Every day. Since 1933. It has turned us into a consistent factor in the world of binding agents, sand and gravel.

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Whether it concerns raw materials used to stabilise roads. Whether it concerns the delivery of gravel of half-reinforcement, or our knowledge of the right combinations of fillers and binding agents. You can rely on our expertise. We were even at the start of recycling within our industry, by turning construction and demolition waste into secondary raw materials within our company.

We have become sharper and wiser throughout all these years. By doing. By simply completing tasks. Persisting. Persevering. Pushing through. For decades. By picking up challenges and delivering. With a total of 100 vehicles.

We are continuously enriching our knowledge and keep checking it based on sustainability. We have worked towards the right solutions, discovered new mixtures, stuck with challenges that demanded this. Literally achieved great heights where they occurred. And created bridges when we were asked. By going all the way.

All these years, we have kept innovating by learning from each project and by developing ourselves. By refining every step. By never standing still and making use of every moment. Delivering consistent quality is the most important thing we do. And we achieve because this is in our nature.


Safety first.

We cannot provide quality without paying attention to safety. At us, these two aspects come in pairs. Safety is paramount within our company. Our employees are the capital of Cementbouw, and we take care of them. But we do not only look after our employees. We consider the safety of all people who work under our responsibility our priority.

When it comes to this safety aspect, we are being strengthened by CRH, our parent company. Active around the globe. Leading inĀ  building materials. And a great advocate of a safe working environment and corporate social responsibility in general. With as its main goal: zero occupational accidents per year. We provide our employees with safety training courses. We ask them to look at each other. We keep investing in our culture of safety.

Sustainability and circular construction.

Cementbouw strives to act responsibly. This is why sustainability is not an empty phrase to us. As one of the leading organisations within our industry, we consider it our responsibility to offer sustainable solutions. Throughout our departments.

What is the impact of our activities and work processes on people and the environment? We think about it, but mainly take action. To keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Cementbouw meets ISO 14001. It should not be a surprise that we pay a lot of attention to managing and improving our performance when it comes to the environment.

The entire production chain is focussed on shared responsibility. Endless re-use of concrete. Cementbouw has already made great strides towards circular construction. This is why Cementbouw has signed the Betonakkoord. An agreement in which producers, clients, and contractors agreed to extensively cooperate on sustainability, 100% recycling of materials, and greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

Management Team of Cementbouw.

Romain Mille Managing director
Michel Witjes Financial director
Els Hendriks Manager Human Resources
Frank Klaps Sales Director Binding Agents
Tom Vandenbossche Operations Manager
Frank van Oorschot Manager Transport


A success story often starts small. This was also the case for Cementbouw. It all started when the Van der Poll family started trading aggregates in 1933. Around three quarters of a century later, Cementbouw, as one of the main market players, joined the listed Irish CRH. We have become sharper and wiser throughout all these years. And went all the way. And still do this. And we achieve because this is in our nature.