Binding Agents

Cementbouw Bindmiddelen may be the most complete provider there is in our market. This is because we are not tied to any manufacturer. Even though plenty of production takes place within our own CRH Group, our extensive range comes from everywhere. Do you want flexibility? That is what we offer.

Another important thing: we deliver using our own means of transport. Additional implemented flexibility. We know exactly where we need to get our products from, and this right procurement enables us to offer a very extensive range of cement compounds and alternative binding agents. Fillers, specifically road fillers. Sustainable solutions and other uses. This results in a very comfortable range, suitable for all our customers in various markets.

Maximum quality, minimum footprint

We are not bound to one manufacturer and one product. This results in a range of possibilities. Quality is paramount in this context. A requirement for everything we deliver, even. For everything we do. Besides the quality of our products, we also care a lot about the quality of our environment. We value it. We monitor our ecological footprint. We want to keep it as small as possible. Minimise it if we can. This is why we use both primary and secondary raw materials. We make good sustainable use of products that are considered residual materials within other industries as alternative binding agents.

We have thought about everything

We are proud of our own ultra-modern laboratory. This is where we carry out tests. Where we develop new possibilities and study different materials. And where we analyse the composition of our products. We experiment a lot. In our laboratory we determine what helps our customers. And this is often custom work. And products that deliver the right consistency and strength. For the desired structure in the required volume. We create project-specific products based on the performance requirements of the final product. This is why we cooperate intensively with technical universities and research institutions like TNO. We keep enriching our knowledge. This makes sure that we have a solution for each direction and any requirement.

Persistent in logistics

We have become sharper throughout all these years. Grown wiser. Remain persistent. Also in logistics. We take this very seriously. The actual delivery of our products is a primary activity. We have our own means of transport, by vehicle and by ship. With ample silo capacity in various locations in the Netherlands. And we deliver on time. This makes logistics of essential value to our extensive product range.

Market segments
Concrete industry
Product Cement
Cement is the number one binding factor in the construction industry. Thanks to its partnerships with all important cement manufacturers, Cementbouw can offer a very extensive range of types of cement for the manufacturing of concrete and various uses in road and waterway construction.
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Product Alternative binding agents
Cement and chalk can be replaced by alternative binding agents under specific conditions. We make good sustainable use of products that are considered residual materials within other industries as alternative binding agents.
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Product Fillers
A filler is added to the recipe of a material during the production process to improve or change its properties. Adding a filler can affect the consistency, strength, structure, and volume.
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Product Road construction fillers
Cementbouw offers fillers with various properties and compositions for the production of asphalt concrete.
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Joint ventures Euroment
Euroment is the market leader for the delivery of high-quality and cost-efficient powdered carbon fly ashes and powdered limestone for the concrete industry in the Benelux.
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Joint ventures SQAPE
SQAPE is a geopolymer system for sustainable and affordable construction materials.
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Cementbouw has its own means of transport by vehicle and by ship with ample silo capacity at various locations in the Netherlands. This allows Cementbouw to offer the best possible logistics to its customers and as added value to its products.

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