Cementbouw Zand & Grind is an important chain in the infrastructure and construction industries. We are both a producer and supplier of a wide range of (raw) materials. We deliver foundation materials, special stone chips, and half-reinforcement products.

We deliver small and large quantities. On call, tailored, and on time. Production, procurement, logistics. We have arranged everything in the vertical line. This is part of our persevering nature.

From small to large quantities

As indicated above, our Aggregates division delivers from small to large quantities. Small quantities can be delivered up to big bags. Of course, exclusively using high-quality materials. These big bags are very suitable for smaller users, from contractors to landscaping firms. Larger quantities are deliveries for customer in the area of ready mixed concrete or concrete products. We deliver such quantities by vehicle or by ship.

Constant quality

We focus on enriching our knowledge and refining our services during the entire process, from production to logistics. Quality is paramount to us. Our production process is also certified. We meet the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards. We check the requirements of the desired product for each project. What materials can or should absolutely not be used. And we always check our high-quality products in terms of sustainability.

Sustainable production process

We think about the footprint of the entire process, from production to delivery. Cementbouw participates in, among other things, Consortium De Grensmaas, which focus on the sustainability of the entire process. And we should not forget our fleet. It increasingly meets the most recent standards on CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we believe in cooperation. We believe that this is the quickest way to achieve collective improvements. A sustainable production process can be achieved quicker with multiple parties. By getting to work and putting our backs into it. Both with our own Cementbouw departments and CRH sister companies and external parties.

From production tot logistics

Cementbouw Zand & Grind is both a producer and supplier of raw construction materials in the broadest sense of the word. We are a complete supplier of sand, gravel, and special stone chips for the professional construction and infrastructure sector. Our sand for the Dutch market comes primarily from the Netherlands. Gravel comes in part from the Netherlands, and in part from neighbouring countries like Germany and France. We are also an experienced supplier and offer a wide range of materials for Civil engineering. In addition, we should not forget we are also a supplier of the other Cementbouw divisions.

The consistent market factor we have become in the past decades is not in the least thanks to our logistics hands-on mentality. We carry out a large part of the logistics processes of our operations ourselves. Whether this concerns ship cargoes, freights by vehicle, or big bags.

Cementbouw has a 50% participation in Binnenlloyd, which is specialised in the logistics of bulk goods with autonomous unloading silo ships.

Market segments
Contractors Civil Engineering
Sports and recreation
Construction materials
Asphalt industry
Concrete industry
Suction and blow companies
Product Sand
We can deliver various types of sand. In bulk, big bags, or in bags of 25 kg.
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Product Gravel
We can deliver various types of gravel. In bulk, in big bags, or in bags of 25 kg.
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Product Stone chips
We can deliver various types of stone chips. In bulk, in big bags, or in bags of 25 kg
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Product Half-reinforcement
Nature and recreation parks make an important contribution to our environment. Cementbouw has pallet raw construction materials developed specifically for nature that can be used to create, among other things, cycling or hiking paths in nature parks, recreation parks, sports parks, and gardens.
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Product Foundation materials
We can deliver various types of foundation materials. In bulk, in big bags, or in bags of 25 kg.
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