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Foundation materials

We can deliver various types of foundation materials. In bulk, in big bags, or in bags of 25 kg.


Ketelzand® is a high-quality, certified raw material for road construction. The material provides a light and stable foundation for a range of uses, such as exit and entry ramps, works of art, roads, and foundations on weak soil. Changes in moisture contents have little impact on its stability.

Blast furnace slag mixture (Hoogovenslakmengsel)

Blast furnace slag (Hoogovenslak) is a mixture of broken blast furnace slag, broken steel slag, and granulated blast furnace slag sand. These materials are released as a by-product of the rough iron process. The product is easy to use in all weather conditions. The cohesion between the grains is even greater when used wet, which benefits its hydraulic properties. The sound plate effect of this product ensures a wide distribution of stress. A perfect product to be used below roads and parking spaces.


LiDo-mix® is a very hydraulic foundation materials which ensures great returns from your waste structures. Lido-mix is also used to make mixed granulates hydraulic.


LD Steel slags

Drainage gravel